LeaseEagle Announces Version 4.31 Release with New User Interface Enhancements in Store

Australia. LeaseEagle remains on the cutting edge with the 4.31 upgrade recently released to the public for invoice processing. The user interface for customers of LEFinancials will benefit, particularly in the area of the plug-in module.
The company maintains its position as a market leader with its continual improvements to automatic invoice production and management, accounts payable, and calculation methods. Administrators will find it easier than ever before to view invoice status, workflow progress, and approval and payment status.

Efficiency is the name of the game with LeaseEagle. Users will find new icon placement a boon to invoicing. A tenancy search and search functionality by vendor name or ID has also been added for convenience. Furthermore, predefining tolerance settings enables better business control. In fact, administrators can now configure the module to ensure that every invoice entered is separately approved and can be extended for entry and approval.

There are many other no less important improvements found in the upgrade version 4.31 pertaining to auto pay and accrued amounts reconciliation. Variance reports that use the comments feature are accessible to reviewers enabling them to see notes upon completing variance analysis.What’s more, users will enjoy the recurring invoice feature which cuts down entry time significantly. Timed auto-generation will also take the stress out of continual billing. Payment information is at the click of a mouse in the Store Accounts Ledger Table that provides an account history. You also may mark a remittance as Payment on Hold in the new version.

In short, as a business application, the new improved version 4.31 will enhance productivity by enabling more efficiency in the work flow process. A handy Tutorial explains the ins and outs clearly and succinctly. The many benefits of the upgrade are well documented and thorough.

About Us

LeaseEagle is an Australian company with regional offices in Richmond. They have a presence in Burlington City, Massachusetts and Auckland City, New Zealand. Specializing in web-based information systems, LeaseEagle addresses the needs of retail and franchise tenants. As a Synetek Systems enterprise, business application services are their forte.


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